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Pi R Square?!?

In observance of Pi Day (3/14...get it), it brought to mind the old joke: Pi R Squared – No, Pie R Round! However, this led to some mental meanderings – not of apple, pumpkin, cherry, lemon icebox or French silk chocolate, but of our enigmatic numerical friend: Pi. 

Every student at some point learned that calculating the circumference of a luscious pecan pie required the use of the mathematical constant "Pi." And, while the quantity of that yummy Mississippi Mud Pie is definitely finite…as of this writing, the other kind of Pi appears to be infinite. Mathematicians have calculated out to a million places and the Pi goes on! 

Obviously, Pi has little to do with Dentistry – other than the extraordinary amount of math required to successfully complete a Dental degree! Which leads us to our topic du jour: Dentistry by the numbers. So, let’s take a look at some fun Dental statistics: 

  • A complete set of children’s “baby teeth” includes 20 – which don’t even have numbers but are designated by letters: A-T; 
  • Adults, if they get a full set of Wisdom Teeth or third molars, have 32 teeth which do carry numbers, starting at the upper right back molar (#1) and end at  the lower right back molar (#32); 
  • Someone with too much time on their hands calculated in 1996, Americans purchased almost 3 MILLION MILES of Dental floss; 
  • When you sneeze, the air rushing out of your mouth can reach a speed of over 600 MILES PER HOUR
  • One in every 2000 babies is born with one or more teeth which have already emerged; 
  • On average, an adult laughs about 15 TIMES A DAY and a child laughs ABOUT 400;
  • When you chew, your jaw muscles can exert up to 200 POUNDS of force (PSI) to bring your molars together for chewing; 
  • Imagine ALL the teeth, of all the creatures that dwell on land, then contemplate the fact there are over 100 FISH TEETH in the ocean for every single tooth on land!
  • And...speaking of water, the average human, in their lifetime, will produce 25,000 QUARTS of saliva – enough to fill 2 swimming pools! 

  • The Dental plaque that builds up on your teeth, contains anywhere between 300 & 600 DIFFERENT types of bacteria, which adds up to BILLIONS of germs living in your mouth;
  • Fingers crossed, the average person will use 154 TOOTHBRUSHES and 292 TUBES OF TOOTHPASTE in their lifetime;
  • ...Which actually brings us to another number actually Pi-related: it would take more than 255 MILLION TOOTHBRUSHES to circle the globe just ONE time;
  • You use 15 DIFFERENT MUSCLES in your face to laugh; 
  • The average American buys 1.5 TOOTHBRUSHES a year...but, we give our patients theirs for FREE;
  • The lifespan of a taste bud is only 10 DAYS;
  • The residents of more than 22 countries, each take in over 120 pounds of sugar, per person, each year – including the United States – which leads us to this interesting “Dentistry by the Numbers” tidbit of information… 
  • Depending upon sugar intake – not necessarily economics or level of development – some countries, such as China, have entire communities that are completely cavity-free, while the country with THE HIGHEST CAVITY RATE IN THE WORLD is right the United States of America! 

And here we’ve arrived back where we started – Peanut Butter Pie and the effects of a “moment on the lips” lasts A LOT longer in your mouth than on your hips! So, we’re going to give you just ONE more NUMBER to think about teeth – the phone number of Best Choice Dental, where our caring Family Dentists are just waiting to see patients, from 6 months to 106 years old, and give you the 4-1-1 on YOUR teeth!