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"Dad Jokes" Aside, REAL Dads Are No Joke!

Bad ties, preschool hand-print clay artwork, bizarre "child-chef" crafted breakfasts, yet ANOTHER wallet… historically, this is how we choose to honor the Dads in our life on their ONLY day of the year, Father’s Day! And, on top of all that, they usually are the subject of a LOT of parenting jokes...and we're not talking those inevitable "Dad jokes!"

So, while we prepare to celebrate another Father’s Day next weekend, this tradition bears examining on a deeper level. When Anna Jarvis began to popularize the observation of Mother’s Day in 1908 – taking cues from earlier local efforts begun during the 1800s, both around the country AND world – the concept of honoring the oft-overlooked role women thanklessly performed, it immediately gained support.

By 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law – after several tabled earlier Congressional motions during 1908 – the bill officially declaring the second Sunday in the May as Mother’s Day for the U.S. However, dear old Dad failed to gain the swift approval given to Mom!

Seeing the nationwide tidal wave of support for Anna Jarvis’ Mother’s Day effort, in 1910 Sonora Smart Dodd sought to honor her father, Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, with a similar observation at her local Spokane, Washington YMCA. While pursuing her studies at the Art Institute of Chicago during the 1920s, her efforts to rally sentiments around an annual Father’s Day celebration languished. However, upon her return to Spokane in the 1930s she once again took up the banner and moved her campaign onto the national level.

Close...But No Cigar!

Now here’s where beleaguered Dads really takes a hit! Woodrow Wilson jumped on the initial bandwagon – even traveling to Spokane to speak at a Father’s Day celebration in 1916 and pushing for the national recognition of this day. This pre-dated the first Congressional bill introduced to make this an official holiday in 1913… but sadly, it failed to find favor with the legislators.

A few years later, in 1924, President Calvin Coolidge made a recommendation for Father’s Day to receive the similar national recognition, but never went so far as to issue a Presidential proclamation. Fast forward more than 30 YEARS, to 1957, when Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith took Congress to the proverbial woodshed, over their failure to honor fathers during the 40 years that had passed since mothers received their official due!

Unfortunately, this official "shaming" STILL did not provide enough incentive for the legislative body to correct this egregious oversight. It took almost 10 MORE years for then-President Lyndon B. Johnson – a Texan, we proudly note! – in 1966 to sign the FIRST Presidential Proclamation honoring fathers, on the third Sunday of June! AND… even more astonishing, it wasn’t until 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed into law a bill making Father’s Day an OFFICIAL holiday.

Taking The LONG Route!

Imagine, a 62-year journey just to "officially" honor our fathers! We’re talking at least two generations of men who dutifully nurtured their offspring, silently bore the brunt of the "wait-til-your-father-gets-home" role, lovingly wore horrendous neckties, drank cold coffee from "World’s Best Dad" mugs, silently paid the bills, endured good-natured ribbing dished out by females worldwide, tearfully footed the costs and uncomfortable suits to walk their daughters down the bridal aisle… just to traditionally take second-place to mom!

In honor of THOSE men, who manage to lead by example, provide food, shelter and support for their children – all while coping with unrealistic expectations, careers and societal pressures, we say "Thanks, Dad!" And, one "Dad" in particular manages to DAILY take our breath away – our very own, Dr. Jason Mahmalji, owner of Best Choice Dental.

Not only does "Doc" successfully operate our Dental practice, but he does it while being an amazingly "hands-on" father to two active kids, ages 7 and 10! The heartfelt, compassionate care he offers his patients, as a Dentist in our office every day, reveals only the tip of the iceberg. As a dedicated Dad, he ALWAYS seems to find time to be present, supportive and involved in his children’s lives.

Pretty, amazing, right?! So, as a salute not only on Father’s Day but EVERY DAY our Dads, Fathers, Daddies and Pops continue in their largely-thankless roles, we just want you to know even though we may not say it often enough, in truth "our hearts do, INDEED, belong to Daddy!" Thank you for holding us close in YOUR heart – and that's NO joke!